School of Arts and Sciences vs. School of Biological and Environmental Sciences?

<p>I really don't know the difference. I want to major in Biochem to go premed, and I'm just making sure that The School of Arts and Sciences was the right pick.</p>

<p>Also, what about the housing deal?
I'm completing my FAFSA now in the enrollment process (A bit late.. whoops) and I'm just wondering what the process is on deciding housing. Any suggestions on where to go if I get to choose?</p>

<p>Any information about these topics would be awesome, as I'm obviously lost in this whole college process.</p>

<p>If your pre-med then definitely go to the School of Arts and Sciences.</p>

<p>I agree with amilewski. </p>

<p>The housing app is online right now. I think it’s a $200 deposit and you get to pick where you want to dorm.</p>

<p>College Ave is party central. Busch is where most of the math and science classes are located.</p>

<p>Wow thanks that’s exactly the answer I was hoping for…
as for choosing housing, is it a lottery or is it like first come first serve?</p>

<p>For Freshman, it’s first come first serve. After Freshman year, you’ll have to do the lottery.</p>

<p>Oh wow so I should probably be acting quickly then hahahah</p>

<p>Oh and by the way, I have a friend that wants to go pre-vet… is it same deal? SAS?</p>

<p>Yes .</p>

<p>no…pre-vet, animal science and that type of stuff is sebs</p>

<p>Could someone explain the difference between SEBS and AAS? I applied for biochem at both and got into both. Would my after-completion options vary significantly between the two schools? If I wanted to go to dental school which would be better? SAS?</p>

<p>^ sas is your safest bet. sebs leans more toward environmental sciences, food nutrition, and other unusual applications of science lol.</p>

<p>my son and I went to the SEBS admitted students day, and attend the BioChem major presentation, are were really impressed - seems that just about all of the students in that major get into med school, and SEBS as a whole does focus more on research, and you can do a “capstone” project which may be very useful in impressing med schools.</p>

<p>Of course, you do have the horse, plant, food science and environmental interests there too, but your decision points may be best defined by comparing degree requirements, AP credit info, Department major course requirements and seeing what most interests you at each of the schools.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input!</p>

<p>Hey thanks for the input but my question regarding pre-vet has had two different answers now… Does anyone have concrete knowledge on the subject? By the way I am more than sure that I’ll do SAS for pre-med, but my friend is now substantially more confused for which one to go into than before I posted this thread hahahah</p>

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<p>SAS vs SEBS
[Life</a> Sciences Programs: SAS or SEBS - SAS Office of Academic Services](<a href=“]Life”>Error Page)</p>

<p>Veterinary Medicine
[Catalog</a> Navigator : Veterinary Medicine](<a href=“]Catalog”>Catalog Navigator : Examinations)</p>

<p>This chart contains incorrect information… I just called up admissions and they confirmed that biochemistry is offered in SAS. I’m not sure about the other info though.</p>

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