School of business chance?

<p>African American immigrant.
3.65 uw gpa
30 comp act. 28 e, 33 m, 30 r, 29 s
800 math 2
770 us
740 math 1
took 11 ap's over the course of high school
5 in us. 4 in euro, comp gov, eng lang. 3 in chem
pres of 3 clubs
mentor for 2 years
member of 5 clubs
league champ in swim since freshman year
200 hours of volunteering
ranked ~85/680
competitive magnet school</p>

<p>plus psat national achievement schoolship outstanding participant. awarded to top 3% of black psat test takers</p>

<p>senior year straight a's with classes like ap calc bc, ap physics, ap lit, ap econ</p>