School of engineering

<p>Can anyone comment on the school of engineering and it's ranking compared to others?</p>

<p>Engineering ranking are so skewed based on the recommendations of other Deans. It all hinges on these questions:</p>

<li>Is this an ABET accredited engineering school?</li>
<li>Who teaches classes?</li>
<li>How are classes being taught?</li>
<li>Do SMU Lyle School of Engineering graduates find jobs?</li>

<p>To answer those questions.</p>

<li> Yes.</li>
<li> Professors, not TAs.</li>
<li> Very hands-on. At SMU, engineering students can participate on research project as undergraduates. Ask about their amazing inter-disciplinary freshman design class and their senior design projects. Then, check out the Neurophotonics project and they already have a handful of undergrads working on making the prosthetic limbs of the next generation.<br></li>
<li>Over 70% of the May 2011 undergrad graduates had received at least one FULL TIME job offer before they graduated. That is almost double the national average.</li>

<p>Forget rankings, tour the school and meet the people there. I promise you will be overwhelmed!</p>