School of Engineering

<p>Hello, i am wondering whether the Cornell University College of Engineering is harder to get into than the College of Arts and Sciences. I am looking into applying under the primary/alternative option where u apply for both schools, but I need to know which would be better for me to apply as a primary for, thanks.</p>

<p>College of Engineering needs higher test scores while CAS has a lower acceptance rate. Unless you want to major in computer science, your major should decide which college to apply.</p>

<p>I have a great gpa along with a lot of extracurricular activities etc. The only thing holding me back from applying to most colleges is a 27 on my act. I am fine with majoring in either biology or biomedical engineering, but I am going to submit my primary choice with this school on the basis of which one i have a better chance of getting into, and that would be most probably CAS, correct?</p>

<p>Probably. Engineering Definitely places more weight on test scores but 27 could significantly hurt you in cas</p>

<p>CAS is looking for people who were great in everything. Engineering is looking for people who were exceptional in math/science, and were good in everything else. I'd say if your math/science subscore of your ACT is high, apply Engineering, if not, go for CAS and hopefully your GPA/ECs reflect doing well in a variety of subjects.</p>

<p>If your ACT is 27, SAT I is not better, and you are interested in biological engineering, I would suggest you to apply CALS. I think your chance is very slim for CAS and COE. CALS has the same biological engineering program as COE, yet CALS has much lower mid 50% test scores than COE.</p>