School of Foreign Service- Prospective Applicant

<p>Hey all, I know that these are obnoxious, but I hope someone has a chance to read this. Georgetown is my dream school, and I hope to go here in the Fall of 2015. Could someone look at my requisites and let me know if I'm a contender? thanks! </p>

<p>Year: Junior
Colleges I will apply to: Georgetown (Dream School), Columbia, Stanford, UC San Diego, William and Mary, American University, George Washington University, George Mason (Safety)
Intended Major: International Political Economy</p>

<p>WE DO NOT WEIGHT HONORS COURSES. We only weight APs, and even then it is a very low weight.

<p>Current GPA UW/W: 3.79/3.94 (my school system is notorious for low weights)
Class Rank: 30/520
SAT: 760 R 640 M 670 W</p>

<p>Freshman Classes:
B AP Human Geography (exam- 5)
A GSWLA Global Literature I (Honors Course)
A- Algebra II Trigonometry
A GSWLA Global Ecology
A- GSWLA Spanish III (Magnet)
A GSWLA Mandarin Chinese I
A GSWLA Global Issues (semester)
A GSWLA International Careers (semester)
A Think Tank- Gifted Program Class (semester)</p>

<p>Sophomore Classes: (I had an untreated panic and anxiety disorder during this time, so my grades dipped a bit.)
A AP World History (GSWLA) (exam- 3)
A- GSWLA Global Literature II (Honors)
C+ Math Analysis/ "Pre-Calc"
B+ Chemistry (I had a teacher that was having depression and suicidal thoughts and took his anger out on his students and my mother had him fired for unfair grading... it is noted in our school report sent to colleges)
A- GSWLA Spanish IV (Magnet)
B GSWLA Mandarin Chinese II
A GSWLA Global Cultures (semester)
A- GSWLA International Business & Trade (semester)
A GSWLA Intl Cultures and Cuisines (semester)
B+ GSWLA Global Media Analysis (semester)</p>

<p>Junior Classes: I am taking less classes this year due to my heavy extra curricular load, time for SAT studying, and my commitment as an academy role model. These are my current grades
A AP US History (Exam TBA)
A AP English 11 (Exam TBA)
A AP Biology (Exam TBA)
A GSWLA Spanish V (Magnet)
A GSWLA Mandarin Chinese III
A Economics (semester- required by state laws now and would not let me substitute with AP Macro or Micro)
A Financial Management (semester- required by state laws; seen above)
A GSWLA Global Systems</p>

<p>Senior Class Schedule 2014-2015
AP US Government
AP Comparative Government
AP English 12
AP Statistics
AP Spanish Language and Culture
GSWLA Mandarin Chinese IV
AP Art History
GSWLA Global Connections (year long senior seminar class where academy students must complete senior project/ extended research on a global topic)</p>

<p>Extra Curricular Activities
Student Government (for 12- 2015 Executive Correspondent, 11- 2015 Executive Correspondent, 10- Bonfire & Spring Carnival Committee Chairman, 9- 2015 Representative)
Stud. Govt. Class of 2015 Organization (For 12- Prom Chair 11- President, 10- Publicity Chair (lost presidential election), 9- Vice President)
Model United Nations- I helped transform our team, and next year we are going to 6 conferences. We went from the team getting nothing to winning the Diplomacy Award for schools. From my training, everyone got at least verbal recognition in their committees at awards! (For 12- Secretariat General (P) 11- Undersecretariat General (VP), 10- general member)
Global Studies Honor Society (open to academy students only- like NHS but global focus; the student government of the academy) (For 12- VP, 11- Bigs & Littles Coordinator, 10- member)
World Affairs Council Intern, 4 hrs/ week (I've met some pretty prestigious international politicians from this- my area is a huge draw for stuff like this with NATO United States HQ here and DC only being like 3 hours away)
Starlight Dance Company Senior member (ballet company with focus on community service; been a member since 11; Senior Principle Dancer since 13 years old with multiple featured roles i.e. Tigerlily in Peter Pan and Fairy Godmother in Cinderella)
Kemps Landing Middle School Leadership Workshop Staff- alumni of the middle school come back to staff a fun leadership workshop! I have been a staff member for 3 years and will next year be a counselor for the students! I get about 100 community service hours from this with the planning meetings, practices, and actual event.</p>

<p>Awards and Honors
International: NATO Allied Command Transformation's Model NATO Challenge 2014 1st Place Winner; Student Diplomat of the Year (International Award and Honor; my city is home to NATO HQ in the US, so they put this scholarship competition on for students to simulate the NAC of NATO- it is similar to Model UN but more selective/ prestigious honor. From this, I have been on NPR, won the 1st prize scholarship, and get to go to the next NATO Summit in September 2014. I am now the NATO Student Ambassador for the next year.).
National: 2014 National Security Language Initiative for Youth Scholarship to China for the summer (funded by the state department to be immersed in Chinese culture, which I am very excited about!)
College of William and Mary Book Award
2013 William and Mary HS MUN conference Boeing Board of Directors Crisis Committee Best Delegate
2014 Old Dominion University HS MUN ECOSOC Honorable Delegate</p>

<p>Summer/ International Experiences
Summer 2012 EF Tours World War II and the Western Front Tour with my school (had to apply for a spot since the academy paid for the tickets)
Summer 2013: Legacy International's Global Youth Village, the Virginia Institute for Inclusive Communities Workshop
Summer 2014: China funded by the government of our good ol' America</p>

Kemps Landing Leadership Workshop (7)
my high school's leadership Workshop (2)
my city;s Citywide Leadership Workshop (4)
Other Workshops (5)</p>

<p>I have 500+ community service hours, from academy stuff, community involvement, and so on. I also have accumulated 100 + Cultural Points which are required by my academy (you get them for going to international stuff, going to museums, travel, etc. its super cool)</p>

<p>for my senior project- My senior project is putting on my city's first Model UN Conference for middle schoolers in my city! My overall topic is the relationship between women and minority rights and their actual involvement in government, going into depth on the corruption of political systems; my action plan is the conference because A. I LOVE MUN and B. I truly believe that by empowering everyone in the community, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, etc, that we can create more dynamic and inclusive societies.</p>