School Of General Studies

<p>Has anyone here applied to the school of general studies before? I am applying for this upcoming semester, but i just want to get a feel of what their successful applicants have in terms of old sat scores and previous college gpa's. Any help would be appreciated.</p>

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<p>I got accepted into GS having not gone to HS at all (LOOONG story heh); just got my GED and a 1380 on the SATs. Unfortunately, while I'm originally from NYC, I don't live there anymore (used to live with family, who moved) and unlike Columbia College at Columbia University, which will meet 100% of financial need, School of General Studies will absolutely SHAFT you (in all likelihood)
I qualified for every government grant, loan, got an 8k scholarship, and still had 25k in unmet need, if that tells you anything.
OTOH i know this girl who has a full tuition scholarship to GS (she still has to pony up for room/board and whatnot though, and also, just FYI, if you're interested in majoring in Writing, they only let you take 2 classes in that major a semester). She lives in NYC and is much older than myself though; dunno if that influenced their scholarship decision.
So basically I'd say GS is an awesome commuter school, but as a place to actually reside at for an aspiring, late blooming college transfer student, it's not the greatest.
I myself am planning on applying to Cornell/American/GWU/Gtwn, and UoFlorida as my safety (currently living in Tampa, going to Hillsborough Community College's Honors Institute).
Good luck :)</p>

<p>hey man thanks for the info.....and goodluck with your applications to those other schools....gtown is really nice. You must have had an interesting story then to write about in your autobiographical essay.</p>

<p>The School of General Studies is the college at Columbia University for nontraditional undergraduate students. Nontraditional students include: 1) persons whose education since high school has been interrupted or postponed for at least one academic year; and/or 2) individuals who for personal or professional reasons need to attend on a part-time basis.</p>

<p>is it possible to apply to the school of general studies if I have finished my high school and does not have any reasons to attend on a part time basis?</p>

<p>If it has been less than a year since you graduated from high school, ledyana, then you generally apply to Columbia College, not GS. If it has been a year or more, then you apply to GS, and you can go full-time if you so desire (and if you can afford it :O)</p>


<p>hey justin juss curious...but how did u find out you were accepted? Did they email you, or call you....or did u just find out through the mail ?</p>

<p>I got a phone call, although i've heard that this isn't typical. Not sure about that, though.</p>