School of Medicine Guarantee

<p>received a letter "inviting" me to apply for the school of medicine guarantee. i remember the app said apply as bioengineering major or pre-med to be considered. </p>

<p>anyone have any insights into how this works? i really don't think i have a shot, but it would be amazing if i got it ... somehow.</p>

<p>ANYONE? haha</p>

<p>I didn't get it, but I know a couple of people who did. All I know is that if you take the offer, you have to maintain a certain GPA to still have the guarantee.</p>

<p>I don't have any first-hand knowledge, but it's very competitive. Here's some info:</p>


To compete for the medical school guarantee, applicants must meet the initial eligibility requirements of earning the highest grade point average available in their high school in the context of a curriculum showing the greatest academic rigor possible and earning a minimum SAT I score of 1450 (or 33 ACT).</p>

<h1>Students meeting these criteria will be asked by the School of Medicine to submit additional information in support of their candidacy. Students selected on the basis of their submissions will subsequently be invited for an interview in the School of Medicine.# The choice of final candidates is contingent upon this interview. Historically, an average of 10-15 students from the entering undergraduate class are chosen each year for the School of Medicine guarantee.</h1>

<h1>Students offered the guarantee must complete an undergraduate degree at Pitt within four years, complete the prerequisite course work, maintain a science and quality point average of at least 3.75, and engage in extracurricular activities that provide greater knowledge of the science and practice of medicine.


<p>I don't know what Pitt means by a "quality point average," but I imagine it's very hard to maintain a 3.75.</p>

<p>University</a> of Pittsburgh: Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid</p>

<p>My D received this invitation as well. I wonder how many students receive the invite- and how many proceed to the interview stage? Doesn't seem like much additional work to apply for it.</p>

<p>when it says apply on or before january 15, does that mean send in the regular application to u of pitts before then, or does that mean send in the additional stuff for the school of medicine guarantee by jan. 15?</p>