School of the Art Institute of Chicago Admission Results 2019 Fall

Did anyone apply SAIC for EA?

I applied on Nov 12th for EA - haven’t heard anything yet.

Fat envelope from SAIC in the mail today for my daughter. very excited!

congrats! @pickpocket
When did you apply to SAIC?
I applied on December 15th but I haven’t heard anything yet.

Hi yeehaw. My daughter applied early action around Dec. 1. EA deadline was Dec 5 for her. I think your Dec 15 submittal puts you in regular decision so you may still have several months wait. Good luck to you!

My mistake. @pickpocket
I applied on December 5th haha…
Hope the decision will come out soon!

Applied on Nov 15th and I’m waiting to hear back, super nervous!!

@skeleboned Hope we both get in !

@pickpocket hi! I also applied for ea and I’m wondering if they send you an email after they get all the materials? I haven’t got any response from them after my submission so I’m a bit worried. Thanks!

@ywxxc I think you should ask them to make sure they got all the materials.

Hi ywxxc. No my daughter did not get any confirmation from SAIC as materials were submitted. She used the Common App and could see when recommendation letters arrived (some late). She actually emailed them last week informing of new SAT scores and Admissions emailed back saying decisions were already made and she’d hear shortly. I think you will hear this week. Good luck!

@yeehaw0000 @ywxxc @pickpocket @preraphaelitefan
I remember when checking 20,000 times that they only notify through snail mail. I applied Nov 15 and just got my acceptance letter today with $71k merit over 4 years before FAFSA. Good luck I’m so excited for you all!!!

i applied on nov. 15th as well and got an acceptance letter yesterday with $76k merit over 4 years. not sure if that will be enough to allow me to attend, but excited to have been accepted!!! congrats and good luck everyone.

congrats! @scvnnah