School part-time/taking non-transferable courses?

<p>Hello all,
A bit about me: I am an (intended) Applied Mathematics major (shooting for the stars) with approximately 32 semester units of AP credit. This is my second semester in CC. I go to school "3/4ths" time (currently taking 10 semester units; 12 units is full time) and work about 20-25 hours/week.</p>

<p>My question is: do UCs view going to school less than full time unfavorably? Also, do they view taking non-transferable courses or courses taken outside of IGETC that are transferable as unfavorable?</p>

<p>With my 30+ units of credit entering CC, I was able to have a bit more flexibility in choosing courses that interested me (business courses, honors classes, etc.) and have a bit more breathing room (with only ~4-5 courses left to transfer). With my work schedule, I find it less stressful going to school part-time and working part-time (which my community college recommends as well). Thanks in advance for the help, it's much appreciated! :)</p>

<p>You are fine, the UCs don't really think too much about how you schedule your classes as long as you complete them. But the CCCs are making a move to push for full-time enrollment by giving priority to full-time students ... so keep an eye out for that to be implemented in the next year or so.</p>