School Photos

<p>So I've rescheduled my senior portrait shoot I think 4 times because I just don't want to deal with it, but now it's been rescheduled for the last time. I just get this extreme anxiety about taking pictures, and it's only recently that I've started letting friends take pictures of me without my hand in my face, and that's more because I didn't want to annoy them than because it doesn't bother me. I don't have low self esteem in general, I just think I photograph horribly and it's just a really unpleasant experience for me. Does anyone else get like this, and do you have any suggestions for trying to get over it or making the experience less horrible?</p>

<p>Just relax and be calm. I used to be the same. Usually senior potraits are done privately, so that should help a bit.</p>

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<p>Thanks for the advice :) Does anyone who has anxiety issues have any suggestions? Xavier's advice is good, I just don't know how to actually follow it.</p>

<p>I'm the same way. I didn't even get my picture taken on picture day last year, meaning I didn't get my student card and couldn't go to homecoming, formal etc. I've never been to them. I have a weird profile and just an... er... "exotic" face in general. </p>

<p>My mom will no doubt try to get me to take senior pictures by telling me at the last minute thus forcing me to take them or make a scene. I'd prefer my likeness isn't immortalized in a yearbook anyway. None of these people are gonna remember me. Why give them the benefit of laughing at me when they pop open their yearbook ten years from now?</p>

<p>Keep fightin' the good fight!</p>

<p>You can't really change the way people see you by not coming to photo day. If you're pretty, people will think you're pretty no matter the photo and if you're ugly, people will still think you're ugly even with a nice photo.</p>

<p>You're right. Part of it is just that <em>I</em> don't want to look at my picture.</p>

<p>dude i totally agree, i mean people say i look good but pictures are just, why? i think its my nose, i got from my native american grandma, and i ALWAYS look high in my pictures. smh lol</p>

<p>Our photographers are terrible. They're not photographers, they're people with cameras.
Also, we use the same photographers all four years -.-</p>