School specific fora

Do you find that school specific forums aren’t very active? Would it make sense to consolidate them? That could help make them more active/less “busy” forum list.

LOL. We can’t get agreement on trimming the musical theatre list. Consolidating college forums would start a riot. :sweat_smile:


My comment is that I wish the mods weren’t so quick to move a thread that mentions a school in the title to the school specific forum. For a lot of schools outside the top tier, that means you are consigning the question to oblivion and no one will see it, but if you left it in one of the more popular forums you would get some responses.

@Corinthian Oblivion is EXACTLY my concern! :slight_smile: I previously posted in the UNM forum, pleasantly surprised it got a reply as quickly as it did. Just posted at Temple’s, fully expect it to sit ignored for months.

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If you post on the parents forum, I don’t move. And if you think a thread belongs in a better place, you can flag and list your rationale by selecting “something else.” Regardless, my gut is more people skim newest posts in addition to, or in lieu of, their favorite places.