School with good IR AND Environmental Studies

<p>Environmental Studies is such a fuzzy new field, that a lot of programs offered at schools just aren't that good. Anyone know of schools with good all-around academics that also have a strong environmental science and environmental policy program? If this school also has good International Relations, that's a plus.</p>

<p>I'm going into Environmental Studies/Science too!</p>

<p>I've found that the only school with an advertised program in this field is Cornell, unless if SUNY College of Forestry and Environmental Science is what you're looking for.</p>

<p>I think Northeastern has some good resources too, but I'm not too sure about that.</p>

<p>Brown has an excellent International studies program, top in the Ivy League, and one of the four tracks of IR at Brown is called Global Environmental Science, which is a combination of IR and Environmental Studies, just what you're looking for.</p>

<p>Tufts is a perfect match (Best IR program in the nation, yes, even vs Georgetown's SFS :) and strong biology department).</p>

<p>Brown's program looks HOT! Any idea what average class sizes are at Brown though?</p>

<p>Duke and Brown have like Environmental studies as a subfield for international studies: for Brown its under the International Relations Department, and Duke has it under Public Policy</p>

<p>I think Duke also has a stand-alone Environmental Sciences program, that has seminars and hands on stuff about ecology at the marine labs and along the shore</p>

<p>Middlebury College - among liberal arts colleges, I believe their's is the strongest. They are also good in international studies, and the best foreign language departments by a long shot.</p>

<p>Colgate, how could forget Colgate, they have an exstensive environmental studies program, and you can concentrate in four specific areas under that major. And they are excellent with social sciences, especially poly sci.</p>

<p>Bucknell University - excels in both natural sciences and international relations</p>

<p>Also Look At:
Brown University
Pomona College
William and Mary
Johns Hopkins
Emory University
Dickinson College - Don't know how strong they are environmental sciences, but they do offer it and a solid international studies program, they have the #1 ranked study abroad program for a LAC.</p>

<p>Brown also has stand alone Environmental Science if you like. Average class size I have no clue, I'm sure you can look it up.</p>

<p>TUFTS! it has your name written all over it.</p>

The OP already graduated from Carleton.</p>

<p>Check the dates before posting. This thread is 5 years old, for goodness sake!</p>