School Won't Allow My Family an Extension for 2011 Tax Forms?

<p>I contacted the fin aid office for one of my schools today to ask about not being able to meet a Feb. 15th deadline for 2011 tax return forms. They told me to send them as early as possible after the deadline, but my fin aid application would still be considered late.</p>

<p>We are waiting on tax forms from churches for donations and will not have everything complete until around the 18th. </p>

<p>Should I call back and speak to someone else or just let it go? It seems kind of unfair because other schools said it wouldn't be a problem as long as we submit them within a reasonable number of days.</p>

<p>One way to look at it could be that you are getting a heads up that this school is not as accommodating to families as they could be.</p>

<p>To tell you the truth, all they would probably do is add charitable giving back into your income anyway. Charitable giving is a choice, and the school will consider that money your family could spend on education. I would file without it, and then amend your taxes later, if the school is important to you.</p>

<p>It's nice that some schools are more flexible, but it's hard to fault the one school for being sticklers about the deadline. I'd be more inclined to contact the church (and other charitable organizations to which your family has donated) and ask them to send you the information sooner. Maybe my dinky little church is different from others, but I can't imagine not being able to persuade them to bend a little on my behalf, especially since I've voluntarily handed over to them substantial amounts of my hard-earned cash for several years.</p>

<p>These deadlines have been posted on these college websites since the early fall at the latest. I'm sorry...but I truly believe folks should adhere to the schools' published deadlines. Agreed with others...file and then amend if you need to. BUT do not miss the schools' published deadlines...just don't miss them.</p>

<p>What thumper1 said.</p>

<p>Are there really schools that require tax forms that early? As opposed to a FAFSA "will file" status filing?</p>

<p>If so, that's totally unreasonable. If you have partnership income, the deadline for partnerships to send out K1s isn't even until March 1. I had to beat up on our accountant this year to get moved up in the queue and get everything done by February 1, but had I not been the managing partner and consequently had some pull, it wouldn't have been possible. I'm sure there are other business owners who have similar issues.</p>

<p>I think you are right, annasdad. I don't think any of our schools stipulate that they demand or even prefer "have filed" to "will file" on FAFSA. Others may know better. Even so, it should be possible, even without official paperwork, to know what your charitable contributions were (assuming you're keeping records). I don't have a piece of paper from my church. Anyway, if I got one, I lost it. Doesn't matter. My bank records substantiate that I gave what I said I gave, and I filed my taxes with that information. If that's the reason the OP's family cannot complete their taxes (or even estimate deductions for FAFSA purposes), that's a flimsy excuse for missing a published deadline.</p>