schools for an intellectually curious student planning to major in phil


I am looking for schools that have a student body of intellectually curious and active students, basically the opposite experience of what some of those pre-professionally minded schools provide. I am planning to major in philosophy and will most likely do so, but I am open to other subject areas as well. I want to go to a school with a strong philosophy department, because I understand that some of the schools could have quite small and not so active philosophy departments.

Of course, there are schools right off the bat that have a reputation of what I am looking for: UChicago, Swarthmore, Reed, Pomona, Columbia, and Yale.

However, I’d like to have more options than the schools I listed above (and couple more of those well known ones), and it would be great if anyone could offer suggestions for what would be a good fit for what I’m looking for. thanks!

Pitt has a great philosophy department. Big enough that there are many, many intellectually curious students. And the cathedral of learning, swoon.

Look into the program descriptions, faculty, and course offerings at Vassar, Williams and Hamilton:

If you would like to compare schools by the popularity of their philosophy programs, visit IPEDS, for example

The Philosophical Gourmet, which ranks PhD programs in philosophy, has some great advice on selecting undergraduate programs.