Schools for business and computer science

*I am class of 23 but that isn’t a tag for some reason


  • US Citizen
  • Missouri
  • Private, Catholic, All Girls
  • White, female

Intended Major(s)

  • Something in Business (currently thinking about Business Analytics, but if the school doesn’t have this particular major but other good business ones that’s ok)
  • Computer Science

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 98/100
  • Weighted HS GPA (incl. weighting system): N/A
  • Class Rank: N/A
  • ACT/SAT Scores: 33 superscore ACT, waiting on July 16th test scores


  • AP Euro, AP Calc AB, AP Physics, AP Stats, AP English Lit, AP Spanish (maybe comp. sci A this year)
  • Dual: theology, Spanish IV, English
  • Run my school’s coffee shop, good writing electives, political electives, and business electives. I am great at Spanish.


  • NHS, National Merit Distinguished Scholar, AP Scholar


  • Girls State
  • Youth and Government
  • Run my school’s coffee shop
  • Founder and president of FBLA chapter at my school
  • Executive of Spanish club
  • Layout editor of school literary magazine
  • Write articles about women in business after interviewing them for school media website
  • Created a charity pancake breakfast that I hosted annually from kindergarten-freshman year. Raised $35,000 for a children’s hospital


  • I think my essay is really good, but won’t stand out a ton.

Cost Constraints / Budget
*I’m not ruling schools out because of costs until after I get accepted and financial aid offers and stuff. Might be stupid, but basically just don’t rule things out for cost.


  • I love Creighton and Boston College. I like Mizzou enough that I’m applying because I could go for free probably.

What I’m Looking For

  • I like Creighton’s honors program because they get out of core requirements and can pick those classes to chase specific interests.
  • I want a “bubble campus” where the campus isn’t spread out throughout a city
  • I want the school in an area with some stuff to do off campus
  • Somewhere where people care about academics, but also have a social life.
  • Social life outside of partying too
  • Internship opporunities
  • Resources for women
  • Resources for student entrepreneurship is a plus

what’s your question?

You’ll get into Mizzou and Creighton and BC is an unknown.

You absolutely need to rule out schools up front for cost.

For example, let’s say you wanted to go to Georgetown and it’s $80K a year and you are full pay.

Guess what - they don’t have merit aid - so your cost will be $80K. If you’re not going to spend that, why apply??

So you absolutely need to do so.

What is your question - are you looking for other schools? There’s a ton…are you seeking religious, small, urban, rural - ok, i’ll guess not rural…

give us more to work with…you haven’t really asked anything.

Sorry if this wasn’t clear, i haven’t done this before. I’m looking for more schools.

having some school spirit is also important to me and no smaller than 4,000. no max. thanks!

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Need you to make an unweighted gpa. 4 for a. 3 for b etc

Then weighted. Add .5 for honors. 1 for ap

This is what colleges will do

And guess what. U need a budget. So I don’t include any that don’t make the grade.

While you think it’s silly it’s actually the first and most important factor.

Sorry, that’s a really bad idea that you may come to regret later (I know people who’ve been in this situation). You know what’s worse than being rejected by your dream school? Getting accepted and not being able to afford to go.

You have impressive accomplishments. Have you had any exposure to computer science before?

Do you have any geographical preferences?

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Reality is. I need more. Like location. Any too far ?

You’ll have literally hundreds of schools, public and private that can work.

But if your parents can pay $20k a year (Alabama, Florida State), are they willing to pay $80k for BC etc.

Hence I need more info.

I assume you are full pay based on comments, meaning no need aid. Have the budget chat with your folks. Then come back.

Applying and then waiting on aid is a failed strategy unless you know who gives and how much approximately up front.

Ok, I’ll throw out a suggestion. Xavier in Ohio. It’s in Cincinnati so there are numerous internship opportunities in the area, but Xavier is a very defined campus. It offers a business analytics major, would still be in the midwest (as two of three schools on your list are). Whether there are programs to get out of the core requirements or not, I don’t know. I think you’d be an extremely likely admit there and would probably receive some nice merit aid to boot.

Which brings us back to the money question. What’s the budget? Also, any additional information you can provide about what you’d like (such as geography, climate, Greek life, etc.)

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Have you looked at the Raikes School at UNL? It’s a Business+CS+Design honors cohort program that could be a good fit for your interests, and your stats could make you a competitive applicant. Raikes School Curriculum | Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management | Nebraska It could be very affordable as well, between the MSEP discount and the merit aid you could expect. Lincoln is a small city with good quality of life for students, and Raikes students get great internships and networking opportunities.


Budget after aid and scholarships is 30-40k per year.
I’m good with any school in the mainland USA (not alaska or hawaii)
Urban or suburban


DePaul in Chicago. You should get enough merit. Good business and CS programs.

Run the NPC for schools to see if they’re affordable.

Also look at Industrial Engineering programs.

You can major in several things and get into Data Analytics. A double major in business and any STEM will do.

What is your backup plan if every college you are admitted to is too expensive?

Perhaps a major in statistics, data science, industrial engineering, operations research, or similar plus course work in the areas you may be interested in analyzing data for (e.g. business) may be something to consider.

Purdue checks off most of your boxes. $40K OOS COA.

Creighton and Mizzou are safeties and I can afford both of them.

Hard to tell what a 98 equates to goa wise. But Alabama. Arizona. Arkansas. Ms State. Miami Ohio. U of S Carolina. College of Charleston.

So many regional type schools.