Schools for the Average Applicant

GPA: 3.65 Weighted
Rank: Top 20%
Courseload: Most Difficult (18 Honors Classes, 7-8 AP Classes by graduation)<br>
SAT: 800 (M) 730 (CR) 700 (W)
SAT II: 690 (Bio M) 760 (Chemistry) 740 (Math IIC)
ECs: Several leadership positions in clubs (President, officer, treasurer)</p>











Rutgers U</p>

<p>Interested in: Biology, Economics [Finance]</p>

<p>outside of the top 50-100 colleges, the other 3000+ accept the majority if not most of their applicants. So there aren't just 3 matches for you, there are thousands!</p>

<p>For that matter, how can people suggest schools that might be a fit for you when you've given no info about what you want in college? Big U or small LAC, in a city or rural, what part of the country, etc? Throwing out names at this point isn't going to do you a lot of good until you decide on what criteria you're going to use to choose amongst them.</p>

<p>Here's my suggestion. Get a good book on college admissions, one that discusses fit and how to research colleges. Spend some time thinking about what you want in college, visit some local examples of various types to check it out first-hand (preferably in the fall when students are back in school). Then start picking names.</p>

<p>i hate you.</p>

<p>you have a 2230..and basically three 700 SAT 2's
with 8 APS..and a decent GPA..with leadership positions..</p>

<p>you are NOT average in any way</p>

<p>obviously he's not average. He's showing off.</p>

<p>Let me clarify. My GPA is weighted with +.5 for honors and + 1.0 for AP. And I am top the bottom of the top 20% with a class of 320. Which means I'm about ranked 60. </p>

<p>The leadership positions ... two of them are small clubs (<50), one is religious</p>

<p>Some things im looking for ...
Size: Does not matter
Location: Anything but urban (NYU-esque, close to city is fine)
Athletics: Be it Div I or Div III, I'm looking for a lot of school spirit and intramural/club sports
Academics: Strong in the field of biology and economics with a good career services program
Location: Anything on the eastern side of the US (Midwest, South, Northeast)
Good social scene!</p>

<p>Some of the schools I read about and liked on paper but probably can't get into: Northwestern, UPenn (So schools like these)</p>

<p>Your SAT scores are very strong, but your GPA/rank isn't. I've filled in the lists based on your criteria:</p>

<p>Reaches, from high to low:
University of Pennsylvania
University of Virginia</p>

<p>Matches, from high to low:
University of Rochester</p>

<p>I'd definitely recommend the University of Rochester.</p>

<p>Location: It's got a nice suburban campus.
Athletics: Has both Division I & III teams, and yes, the school spirit there is very good, as the university boasts a number of traditions and clubs and activities.
Academics: It's a research intensive university, which inevitably trickles down to undergraduate education. It's especially strong in biology, with a very good pre-medical program, and both the undergraduate and graduate economics programs are quite strong as well.
Location: Northeast.
Excellent social scene!</p>

<p>thanks i've only heard uni of rochester in passing conversation, i'll def. look into it more!</p>

<p>average applicant....phsew</p>

<p>Dude...he's pointing to the 3.65 weighted. </p>

<p>he's not a 4.0/2400/36 people like I see at the chance forum.</p>

<p>I'd like to say that Purdue and UCI are safeties. Matches...hmmm, Illinois-Urbana.</p>

<p>Match-Wisconsin with everything you want--great bio and econ--top 10 level, greats sports and spirit--also top 10, great social, and campus in a great town.</p>

<p>Reach --

<p>Match --
Notre Dame
U. Southern California</p>

<p>Safe-Match --
Wake Forest
Boston College</p>

<p>I had a 3.34 and 1700s on the SATs. If you're average, what does that make me? Stop complaining.</p>

<p>As another poster said, your SAT scores are quite impressive, however, your GPA is less-so. Since you'd like a school which has school spirit centering around sports and club/intramural sports, I'd personally recommend that you look at schools with over 2000 students. Below are some suggestions of schools which offer both economics and biology majors which might appeal to you based on your other preferences...</p>

<p>REACH: Dartmouth College (NH), Duke University (NC), Northwestern University (IL), Rice University (TX)</p>

<p>SEMI-REACH: College of William & Mary (VA), Emory University (GA), Tufts University (MA), University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (MI), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (NC), University of Notre Dame (IN), University of Virginia (VA)</p>

<p>GOOD FIT: Boston College (MA), Brandeis University (MA), Tulane University (LA), Wake Forest University (NC)</p>

<p>LIKELY: College of the Holy Cross (MA), Denison University (OH), Elon University (NC), Northeastern University (MA), Trinity College (CT), University of Miami (FL)</p>

<p>bump (10char)</p>

<p>At least give me the courtesy of a reply...</p>

<p>Of the ones mentioned so far, here are those that have a big school spirit/sports scene that I know of:
In order of difficulty to get in:
- Penn: Reach. Urban
- Duke: Reach. Suburban
- Gtown: Reach. Urban
- UVA: Reach. Rural
- UNC: Reach. Suburban
- Michigan: Reach. Urban
- Notre DAme: Match. Rural
- BC: Safety. Urban
- Wake Forest: Safety. Rural
- University of Miami: Safety. Urban</p>

Reaches, from high to low:
University of Pennsylvania
University of Virginia


<p>northwestern's more selective than cornell.</p>

Match --
Notre Dame
U. Southern California


<p>georgetown is very selective, i don't know if i would group it with the schools you have, it it on a slightly higher tier as far as selectivity goes.</p>

<p>other than that everything looks good, i agree with what people are saying</p>

<p>Winston-Salem is rural? News to me...</p>

<p>U of Alabama-Birmingham (great life sciences departments)
Wofford College, SC (great academics + great athletics)
St. Mary's College of Maryland (public honors college)
Allegheny College, PA (great life sciences)
Westminster College, PA (great value)
Worcester Polytechnic Institue, MA (biotechnology, etc. + athletics. Unique)
Hood College, MD (semi-rural and small. Tough grading in the sciences)
College of Wooster, OH (pre-med school)
Michigan State University (the Lyman Briggs College of Life Science. EXCELLENT)</p>

<p>Are you majoring in either bio or econ, or are you double-majoring?</p>

<p>I'm not an expert in bio, but I'm an econ major so here are a few reaches that you might consider: (in order of difficulty "to get in," high to low)</p>

<p>Columbia: not the best in econ (i admit), but certainly does excellent in placement and provides great opportunities for internships
Penn: has a reputable econ department, "outside" of Wharton
Northwestern: one of the largest econ departments with an excellent reputation
Cal: good econ department, but I personally wouldn't recommend do to its huge undergrad population
Chicago: arguably the best in econ</p>

<p>For econ, Duke, by the way, is a no-no.</p>