Schools in cities

<p>Is there any universities/colleges that are right in the city. Ex NYU,GWU,Fordham</p>

<p>There are hundreds. Be specific.</p>

<p>Being from the D.C. area, I can tell you that in Washington there are (at least) Georgetown, GW, American, Catholic, Trinity, UDC, Howard, Gallaudet, Corcoran College of Art & Design, etc. That's nine - multiply that by 50 and you might have 400-500 universities in the 50 largest cities in the country.</p>

<p>-4 Season recommended
-Strong Departments in Government, Science and Business
-Diverse medium to large school
-social scene buy mainly focus on academics
-basketball Games</p>

<p>I live in Minnesota first gen Asian student. I have 3.77gpa mostly honors/AP and average Ec</p>

<p>You should look at BU and Northeastern....Both right in the city...WPI if you want to pursue sciences.</p>

<p>Georgetown sounds like a great option for you.</p>

<p>I just went through an "urban school" search with my daughter ... assuming you have some restrictions (area of the country, size of school, acadmic background of students, possible majors) there just are not that many possibilities ... you can probably investigate all the reasonable options. My daughter wanted an urban school in the NE with a high concentration of high level students ... we were able to visit most of them and her possibility list wasn't all that long. A friend of hers wanted to go to a LAC in a non-urban environment and her possiblity list started out 100+ schools long ... a much tougher job cutting the list down. Slugging through a college guide book/web-site should help you develop a list once you have your criteria set.</p>

<p>Given the OP's interests it's going to be hard to beat the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities which has a top political science department (grad program ranked #17 by US News), is strong in many areas of science, has a very strong undergrad business school (ranked #21 by US News), and for the OP is in-state, making it a financial safety as well. As for basketball, new coach Tubby Smith's team did well last year with limited talent and reportedly Tubby had a great recruiting year. They should be a Big Ten contender within a year or two. Oh, and women's basketball is always great at Minnesota, too---usually one of the stronger programs in the country. Very few urban schools are going to offer all that.</p>

<p>University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
Michigan State University
University of Wisconsin- Madison
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Ohio State University- Columbus
Boston University
University of Washington- Seattle</p>

<p>Few I could think of at the moment</p>

<p>If you want to attend school in Chicago...</p>

<p>Northwestern University
University of Chicago
Loyola University Chicago
Depaul University
University of Illinois - Chicago</p>

<p>If you want to attend school in Washington, DC...</p>

<p>Georgetown University
George Washington University
American University
Catholic University of America
Howard University</p>

Oh wow, since forever I thought University of Illinios- Chicago on google map was University of Chicago, until I actually finally typed in google map search University of Chicago and now found out it's in a entire different area. Also assumed University of Illinios- Chicago was actually in a suburb of Chicago.</p>

Boston College
Georgia Tech
Miami (Tropical climate)</p>

<p>Atlantic 10:
George Washington</p>

<p>Big East:
St. John's</p>

<p>Big Ten:



<p>PAC 10:

<p>Patriot League:
American University