Schools in MT for strong dancer but needs strengthening in vocal

Hi, I’m looking for either dance programs with additional opportunities for training in acting or vocal or a musical theatre major that will accept strong dancers who need more strengthening on vocal. I have been dancing for all my life, but didn’t become interested in MT until later. Now I absolutely love MT and I want to pursue it but I know I could really use more training in vocal. I also take acting classes through my performing arts school. Does anyone know of any schools that would fit what I’m looking for? Thanks!

@aspiringMTdancer my daughter is in the same situation. We wanted schools where she could develop in vocal training and acting, but also be able to maintain and progress in dance. We found that generally speaking, the schools that have a dance program/major in addition to MT tend to be strong in dance and there is crossover between the departments and sometimes an opportunity to minor in dance. I would look closely at the levels of dance offered in each school’s curriculum and note also if there is a separate dance major. It’s great that you are already taking acting classes and are enrolled in a performing arts school! I would also encourage you to stay as strong as you can in dance. I could be way off here, but I think it is more typical to be strong as a vocalist or an actor rather than a dancer. So continuing your dance studies could potentially really set you apart. You don’t mention what year in school you are, but if you are able to study voice privately, with a goal of working on pieces you could use for auditions, that could really help too. Finally, I will mention that Point Park has a very strong dance program and also offers an MT minor. However, I was told that you have to audition for the MT minor at the end of freshman year. I don’t know of any other schools that have an MT minor. Hope this helps and all the best to you!

Some very nice information that you shared here! I would agree that staying strong in dance is a good idea, seems that you need to be a triple threat these days to be able to do anything! At least that is what my daughter says!