schools like Conn College

<p>D likes Conn College - - small LAC, interview important (D presents VERY well), solids sports program, min lang requirement - - but she's taking only one SAT II exam (math), not two as Conn College requires. (She might take ACT, if so, she'll apply to Conn).</p>

<p>Any suggestions of similar schools?</p>

<p>Other schools on D's prelim list: Cornell (reach+, but her dream), Oberlin (reach), Hamilton (reach), Bates (reach), Trinity, Bucknell (would pref smaller and D-III sports), Smith (legacy, but pref co-ed), Union, Colorado College, Case, U Roch, RPI, Lafayette (D-I sports) and Holy Cross (D-I sports and reportedly lousy fin aid).</p>


<p>Hopefully you'll get lots of responses from people who are familiar with Conn. College, but in the meantime you can check out Princeton Review website, as they will list colleges that those kids looking at Conn. College may also consider. Some of the schools they listed are Skidmore, Colby, Clark and Trinity (Conn). I'll throw in Union In NY (?). Check back later, I'm sure you will get some real advice from those familiar with the specific colleges. Good luck. I just noticed you're looking at U of R. That was always one of my favorites. It was on my d's final list, but she got into the ILR program at Cornell and that is where she is now.</p>

<p>nyc, as you know from previous conversations, I'm a conn coll alum. i think the most similar d3 schools based on size/student body/admissions are colby and hamilton.
also amherst (though obviously tougher to get into), and union (easier to get into).
trinity is a little preppier (and i found unfriendlier), colgate is similar but D1, skidmore is artsier.</p>

<p>also, SAT2s arent too tough to prepare for- if she had done well in the class, she'll do fine on the test without any additional preparation. i recall doing well on the english and math tests without any studying.</p>

<p>D is already considering many of the school on the Princeton Review list (and listed in my OP). I wanted to make sure that there weren't similar schools that D and I had overlooked. </p>

<p>Also, the Princeton Review tends to list schools in a geog cluster and I am willing to consider schools outside of the NE.</p>

<p>Huskem - - if only it were true, but D will have to prepare for SAT IIs. She took a quick look at Skidmore, but it wasn't a match (good studio art, but not mucn in the way or arch history, more of a lang req than other schools and no track or women's ice hockey). Also opted for Bates over Colby b/c of art offerings.</p>

<p>Looks like there may not be many other schs to add to her list.</p>

<p>Think about Lawrence, Beloit and Gettysburg.</p>

<p>NYC, your D is going to have to bit the bullet on SAT II's for some of the schools on the list. As others have mentioned, they are pretty studyable - and she has time to take them one at a time so she can really focus.</p>

<p>Tufts? has an architecture studies minor and great program with MFA.</p>

<p>I was gonna say Skidmore, Trinity, and Lawrence. They've been said.</p>

<p>I will add Kenyon.</p>

<p>NYC, I have a good friend whose D is at Conn College (she's a soph). She really likes it and runs track. You can PM me if she wants to do an overnight or ask a few questions, I'm sure she'll be glad to answer any questions you or your D might have.</p>


<p>Holy Cross is need blind with respect to financial aid as are the Ivies. Also HC offers alumni scholarships and some merit awards. As far as location HC is a 1 hour drive into Boston as opposed to Colgate, Lafayette, Hamilton and other selective LAC's that are in the middle of nowhere.</p>

<p>Check out Wheaton College in Norton, Mass. Their art history department appears to offer quite a few architecture-related classes, and they have a solid studio art program as well. Like Conn and Skidmore, it's a former all-female school. It's also a Div.III school with women's cross country (no women's ice hockey though.) No SAT II's necessary. In fact, they are also SAT I optional.</p>

<p>How about Grinnell College? It's a funky little place in the middle of Iowa.</p>


<p>FYI, Skidmore actually has a pretty solid women's ice hockey team.</p>

<p>I would also agree with Bates and Hamilton as comp's.</p>

<p>Jrpar...actually Tufts has an architectural studies major. My D applied to both Conn College and Tufts last year for architectural studies.</p>

<p>Soozievt - my memory was a bit hazy, but I did remember Tufts had an architectural studies option of some sort. One of the reasons it was on my son's list!</p>

<p>by the way nyc, not to harp on conn or anything, but i really think that if your daughter likes conn, she should just take another sat2- conn is so eager to increase their diversity that they would overlook a less than stellar SAT2 test because your D has such a good overall package.</p>

<p>I would ditto Carolyn's recommendation of Wheaton in Norton, MA. My daughter ended up at Smith, but Wheaton was on her list and she had no doubt she would have been happy there. Some of the plusses: Wheaton's women's track team is terrific -- I can't remember their stats but I think they are near the top for D3 New England schools. If I remember correctly, one can also register for classes at Brown as a Wheaton student. We were particularly impressed, though, with the job-placement resource center (I can't remember the name). Wheaton alums are fond of their school and are generous with donations. A family in my neighborhood like Wheaton so much that three daughters have gone there -- they consider it to be something of a dark horse in the world of college admissions -- very under-appreciated. Wheaton is also generous with merit aid. And while Norton itself isn't much of a college town, Providence is only 15 minutes away and Boston something like 45 min.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>D is considering Wheaton, but more as a safety than other schools mentioned. Although the track team is great:</p>

<li><p>fewer art offerings that other schs on her list</p></li>
<li><p>D concerned about lopsided gender ratio (D prefs co-ed schs, but would choose a women's college over college w/ imbalance. As she says, she rather be at sch where noboby has a f/t boy than be "left-out" at a sch where boys are is short supply).</p></li>

<p>Huskem - D may very well bite the bullet and take a second SAT-II.</p>

<p>What is the male/female ratio at Connecticut College?</p>

<p>The gender ratio is usually cited as 40M/60F, but its definitely closer to 45M/55F. the only time the female majority is really noticeable is in class in the sterotypically female dominated majors such as psych and human development. likewise, the goverment and econ classes were definitely male dominated. but overall, i never really noticed a lack of males on campus.</p>

<p>Conn doesn't "look" terribly out of balance, especially since 52/48 is about as balanced as it gets theses days. I doubt D would notice (or care about) actual number of males on campus, so long as she could cut one from the herd and brand him. Thus, Conn would "feel" like 45/55 if she had little or no trouble dating and 40/60 during a dating dry spell. </p>

<p>Wheaton, on the other hand, "looks" 2F/1M (Princeton Review reports 64F/36M) and that's enough to scare-off many a 17 year old het girl!</p>