Schools of Nursing

As a junior in highschool, I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a nurse/nurse practitioner for a while. One of my older brothers got into the nursing program at UCONN surprisingly, but I have better/more rigorous schedule than he did and I’m afraid I wont get in. From m freshman year I show a steady progression and right now almost half way through my junior year I have all straight A’s with a B+ in an AP course. My schools does our GPA on a strange 5.0 scale for some reason so my weighted is 4.4 and uw a 4.28. My number one school in Boston College, and I really want to go to a great school that’s going to challenge me on the Eastern half of the US. Any suggestions of great schools with easier acceptance rates to their nursing schools? or vice-versa?

If you are able to justify “why nursing” you should have a decent chance at nursing school at umich with your grades. You would need an SAT/ACT score before anybody can give you a better prediction.