Schools similar to Villanova, BC, Bucknell, Richmond, Wake Forest

Hi everyone!

I am a rising high school senior and I am trying to figure out what colleges to apply to. Unfortunately, because of corona, I have not been able to visit any schools in person. Through virtual tours, I really like Villanova, BC, Bucknell, Richmond, and Wake forest. But these would all be reach schools for me so I am looking to find similar schools that are a little easier to get into. I also really Iike Elon. I haven’t been able to take an official SAT or ACT, but through my practice tests, I estimate that my SAT score will be in the 1300s but I am hoping to get higher! I just finished my junior year with a 4.1 gpa, and my cumulative gpa (freshman, sophomore, and junior year) will be about a 3.9. I am looking for schools that are on the east coast or at least the eastern half of the country. I am also looking for schools that are in a suburban area close to a city, I don’t really want a school that is directly in a big city. I don’t have a preference for school size (number of students). I plan to major in business.


I would def check out Lafayette and Lehigh, if they aren’t too far from a city for you. Not easy to get in but I think you would have a shot at Laf.

Thinking more outside the box, I might look at Univ of Delaware. It’s public but not huge and has a college town vibe with good spirit. Also maybe Miami Univ in Ohio.

Other schools to consider:
Boston University
University of South Carolina

Bentley or Babson could work if you are sure you want to study business. Both are in the suburbs of Boston.

Perhaps Loyola MD or Fairfield as more of a safety.

(And the suggestion above of Lafayette would not work as the school doesn’t have business.)

Santa Clara, TCU, Providence College, USD

You may want to also check out College of the Holy Cross and Fairfield.

Lehigh is a good suggestion. Your state U system may have a very good UG business program. I would start there for comparison sake.

It is difficult to make recommendations without an actual SAT or ACT score and without knowing more specific interests & career goals. Cost is also an important consideration which is unknown.

Although I have read your stated preference for the east coast or the eastern half of the US, I have made suggestions throughout the US.

Are you interested in accounting, entreprenuership, finance, insurance / risk management, international business, management, MIS (management information systems), marketing, production / operations management, quantitative analysis, real estate, supply chain management & logistics, or data analytics, or ???

Fordham’s Rose Hill campus,

Miami University of Ohio,

Flagler College in Florida,

College of Charleston,

University of Vermont

University of Denver,

Seattle University (great location in Seattle),

University of Pittsburgh,

Univ. of Colorado at Boulder,


University of Kansas,

Univ. of Alabama,

University of Utah,

Univ. of Nebraska (Lincoln),

Univ. of Minnesota.

Assuming that your idea of a city is Wash DC, Boston, Philadelphia or Manhattan NYC, then you may like Charleston, Denver, Seattle, Dallas & Pittsburgh as they are quite different from the northeastern corridor cities.

Without knowing your budget, specific area of interest, career goals, other interests, and an actual standardized test score (ACT or SAT), making recommendations is difficult.

We have heard good things about Elon. Agree with the Univ Richmond and Lehigh suggestions. You may want to look at Christopher Newport Univ, a newer VA state school with a beautiful campus. Let us know what you decide.

Rutgers seems to check a number of boxes. It’s about an hour by train from New Brunswick station to NYC. Some of the SUNYs, such as Binghamton or Albany, also seem to meet your criteria.

Have you looked at St. Joseph’s just outside of Philadelphia or St John’s in Queens? From your scores they would be a match or safety. We have toured and loved Villanova and Richmond and loved St. Joseph’s feel as well. Our D18 is at St. John’s for Business.


Check out Ursinus College. It’s a good LAC and should give out decent merit aids for your stats. The school is about 45 minutes drive from Philadelphia.