Schools that allow deferred enrollment

<p>I'm looking at the possibility of a gap year for my son. Americorps and CityYear both sound like great options for him. </p>

<p>While doing that might make his college app. look better, that's not the goal, and I'd rather do the admissions process and then defer enrollment for a year once he's accepted. I know some of the Ivies allow that. What about other schools? What about State U's? </p>

<p>Is there a list somewhere of schools that allow/encourage a worthwhile gap year?</p>

<p>The Common Data Set (question C18) shows whether a college permits deferring admission. The full version of USNews also provides this information, but requires a subscription. D considered a gap year and found that it was very unusual for a school to not permit deferral.</p>

<p>My D requested a deferrral at a west cost private college and was required to pay a hefty amount to hold the place. Sorry it has been awhile and she didn't do it, so I don't remember how much, just a shockingly large amount.</p>

<p>Checking the common data set answers, deferred enrollment is not a feature at our most popular state U's.
Thanks for pointing me to the common data set answers. It's an easy way to see if the colleges allow the deferral or not. Next question, what do we do with that info.... I'm taking a break and worrying about it in August, when he starts looking seriously at his college applications...</p>