Schools that Ask For Full Songs

<p>Hey, y'all! I was looking at my spreadsheet of audition requirements and the only 2 schools I have that ask for full songs are University of the Arts, and Hartt (which also suggests having a cut). I know that one should always know the full song, but out of curiosity has anyone had experiences where schools that ask for cuts ask to hear the whole thing? Is this common at Hartt?</p>

<p>We also thought that University of the Arts wanted the full song after reading the web site, but they wanted a cut (I think it was 32 bars). I would call the department to make sure of the requirements. My D also auditioned for Hartt and I don't think that they required the full song either.</p>

<p>When my D auditioned Oklahoma City University asked for full songs. She still did some cuts - but it was much more than 16 or 32 bars.</p>

<p>More often that not, most schools I auditioned for asked for a cut from a different song in my book rather than to hear the whole song I had already sang. OCU did ask to hear whole songs when I auditioned for them, and I believe I went back and sang full songs for Miami and NYU. Also often Coastal Carolina, we ask people to sing their full songs (or full different songs) in the music master class in the afternoon on campus.</p>

<p>At FSU we ask for full songs unless the selection is particularly long.</p>


<p>Most schools ask for a cut and stick to it - but you should, as you mentioned, always be prepared with your full song.</p>