Schools that don't require SAT II's?

<p>hey everyone
I'm really interested in applying for BA/MD programs, but unfortunately, I won't have any SAT II's. This is because I go to a Canadian high school (canadian citizen) and our education system is a bit diff. and by the time I learn enough to pass SAT II chem, or any of the subject tests, it will be too late (we only start 'specializing' in junior year). So i was wondering if there were any schools that doesnt require SAT II's and is also open to Canadians. :) thanks for your help guys</p>

<p>I know of Michigan State not requiring SAT IIs. no idea about whether canadians can apply</p>

<p>i've seen on a lot of apps that you must be a perm resident or us citizen for progs...i'm sure there are the exceptions....try looking online or something..</p>