Schools that offer Arabic.

<p>I'm looking for some schools that offer Arabic. The only two I know of are Exeter and Deerfield. I've looked on BSR, Peterson's, and TABS, and I haven't found anything yet.</p>

<p>Buckingham Browne and Nichols Cambridge MA offers Arabic but it is a day school</p>

<p>Just wondering why do you want arabic?</p>

<p>Choate just started offering Arabic.</p>

<p>If you want to work for the Government, Arabic will come in handy in the future.</p>

<p>I didn't know that, but wouldn't most languages? well at least popular languages</p>

<p>Yes, but with all the conflicts in the Middle East and the oil reserves there, knowledge of Arabic would be a valuable resource to have.</p>

Just wondering why do you want arabic?


<p>Because I absolutely LOVE it. I love how it sounds, how it looks, etc. I probably spend 30 minutes per day watching just listening to the Arabic newscasts. I love it.</p>

<p>Yeah, it looks really cool, doesn't it?</p>

<p>Yeah, it does. :)</p>

<p>wow... 30 minutes everyday!! U have no life:) Can You speak a little already?</p>

<p>No, not really...</p>

<p>tonight you should post 21 more messages to get up to 2000, but do it in arabic...haha I made myself laugh</p>

<h1>2000... .</h1>


<p>Jonathan-what happened to that person's topic that said I was annoying??
Why is it just gone, or at least it doesn't show up on my computer.</p>

<p>Exeter offers arabic. </p>

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<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>Mr. Jebari (Exeter's Arabic teacher) is super-awesome. I don't know if he'd still be here when you get there (if you do) or if he'd be the only teacher (depends on how many people want to keep taking it over the years, it's only senior-year) but he's pretty darn cool.</p>

<p>Arabic offered at Deerfield, can only be taken as an elective and does not fulfill the language requirement.</p>