Schools that offer good aid to transfers?

<p>I have to turn down my first choice (a really great Seven Sisters school) for financial reasons and have decided to attend my state university, since it is the most affordable. However, my state school is stingy and I can only afford to attend for one year (and it's unlikely that I will get more aid after my first year). So, since every school I was accepted into is virtually impossible for me to afford, I need to find a school to transfer to that has good financial aid and/or scholarship opportunities for transfers. After checking the Princeton Review list for "Students Happiest with Financial Aid" and narrowing the schools down a bit, I came accross:</p>

<p>-Agnes Scott College
-Wittenberg University
-Alfred University
-Beloit College</p>

<p>The only one I'm the least bit gung-ho about is Agnes Scott. Know of any more schools that fit the bill? I'd prefer if they have a decent minority population and are semi-close to a big city, though feel free to add any that you know of. I heard Amherst College has good aid (though they cost a lot and are really hard to get into) but do they provide it to transfers?</p>

<p>U of A gave my D's roomate a great fin aid award. She is from CA. They are quite generous to out of state transfer students.</p>

<p>I dunno what your specific interests are, but I received a very nice FA package from Washington University in St. Louis as a transfer.</p>

<p>Thanks! I also want to bump this up for more replies.</p>