Schools to Transfer to as a Communications/Media Studies Major


I am applying to transfer for the Fall 2022 semester. I am currently a second-year marketing major but I want to switch to communications/media. I’m building a list of schools to transfer to but I’m a bit stuck. I would appreciate any suggestions on which colleges to add to my list!

I would prefer schools in the Boston area, but I’m okay with expanding to Massachusetts and New England as a whole. My preferences do limit my options but I’m open to any ideas, to be honest! I really need to expand my list. Here is my list so far:

Boston University (already applied, I tried to apply for spring but apparently you have to wait a full year to reapply so they moved by application)
Emerson College
Northeastern University

I’m pretty much stuck to those three ): BU is my absolute dream school because of its Media Science major but I got rejected last year, which bummed me out. To be fair, I applied as a business major and my essay wasn’t great in retrospect, so it’s definitely understandable (same with NEU). I worked my butt off the essay this time but I can’t put all my luck to them lol. I’m currently at UMass Boston, if that information helps.


What are your financial limitations, what is it about the Media Science major specifically?

my EFC is 0 so i would hope the schools give some financial aid to transfers. i applied to NYU for Fall 2021 and got accepted but that meant paying full tuition, which is impossible for me. i love the Media Science major because i would get to learn about each part of media without having to only focus on studying one of them, like film or advertising