Schools where you must apply by Dec 1 to be considered for Merit Scholarsips

<p>I know Claremont McKenna College requires an application by Dec 1 by any applicant looking for merit scholarships. Do any of these other schools do that?</p>

U Chicago
University of Rochester</p>

<p>Wouldn't you be able to find this information out by looking at "scholarship deadlines" on their websites?</p>

<p>Would it be safe to say that if the scholarship application is due by a certain date, I must have applied by that date as well?</p>

<p>Yes...if the scholarship application is due by a certain date, it is HIGHLY likely that the application for admission is as well. Simply put...the scholarship folks will want to award their scholarships to students who are ACCEPTED to the schools.</p>

<p>Some of those on the first list require nominations, I think.</p>


<p>Dont know details on deadlines but I am pretty sure the UofR only considers merit aid to those who interview, so schedule that ASAP. They are big on the "shows interest" component</p>

<p>performersmom, what do you mean by "nominations"? The schools listed in post #1 have merit scholarships, but I'm not sure any require a nomination of any kind.</p>

<p>USC is not on that list (either of the USCs....CA or SC)</p>