schools with an emphasis on standardized testing

Are there any colleges that weigh SATs more than others?

My SATs are very strong (1580, and 800s on 3 SAT 2s) as are my ECs adnd hopefully my recs and essay will be too.

HOWEVER, my GPA is bad. really pretty bad. 3.41 bad (barely top 50%). ive taken the hardest courses, and i always thought between a B+ and A- average was good, but apparently not good enough. I do have an upwards trend though, and I go to a great private school where last yrs matriculating class sent 32 of 53 people to top 8 universities or top 5 LACs (US News rankings though, yes I know inaccurate, but still, basically what im trying to say is we do well with colleges).

Where would be good places to apply that would maybe allow my SAT scores to eclipse my GPA and rank? My ultimate goal is to go to a strong law school, so schools with a good liberal arts cirriculum would be ideal. small, big, city, rural, doesn’t really matter although I’d love a strong sense of community and alumni ties.

Any suggestions?

<p>Some schools apply a formula to your stats do decide on admission. (So if your GPA is 1.5, you need 1600 SAT to get in, and if it's 4.0, then 1000 SAT is enough). Usually those are big state schools. Your GC can probably tell you which ones.</p>

<p>I think Columbia SEAS leans a bit more toward testings, and maybe Cornell.</p>

<p>but definitely not Brown</p>

<p>The state schools. I know Penn State doesn't even look at your essays or anything if your SAT scores are high enough.</p>

<p>I think cornell is the most stat driven of the ivies, but it isn't going to be easy with a low gpa</p>

<p>Well, schools that value SAT scores value GPAs. They fall into one category. You have the Objective and the Subjective. Schools that value subjective (like brown, mit to an extent, etc) would look less on your SAT AND GPA, schools that value objective like cornell would value BOTH SAT and GPA together.</p>

<p>Hey, my GPA is 3.4, it's not that bad! Of course, my SAT is 1240, so there is a bit of a gap for you.</p>

<p>haha yea, i don't think a 3.41 is that bad either, the problem is its the bottom half of my class, and everyone in CC seems to have a 3.8 and worry about not getting into community college.</p>

<p>also, following pebbles' post, which other schools value subjective things more? i've worked extensively on a project in china involving the bear bile trade, and written a published report on it. any schools that would appeal to?</p>