Schools with good aid for transfer students?

Hello! I just started attending a state school on the insistence of my family after finishing my associate’s degree at community college. I had applied and was accepted to a number of private schools, but my financial aid was horrible. I really fell in love with Boston University but my aid was minuscule, due to my (noncustodial) dad’s high income. I am on my own to pay for school and am not expecting to receive any financial help from my family, as my mom is low-income. I really want to go to Massachusetts and was wondering if there are any schools there that offer a good amount of aid for transfer students. I applied for the women’s colleges but didn’t get in, and I’m not sure if my grades will merit admission to a highly selective school.

Your non-custodial parents income will still be an issue at other Mass area privates.

What’s your budget? If your parents can’t/won’t help, how are you paying for your current school?

I have about $2k in savings that I’m willing to spend about $1k on for school. I’m currently paying through federal and state grants. I’ll have to take out federal loans when I move on-campus. I’m willing to do that and take out about $10k in private loans. I have good credit and am looking to a career that pays around $70k so I’m comfortable with that amount of debt (I’m only going to need two more years to finish my degree).

I thought you were a film major. Why would you want to take ~$15k in federal loans + ~$20k in private loans if you can graduate from your current college without debt? Who’s going to co-sign those loans and agree to pay if you can’t? Your low income mom shouldn’t be asked to do that. Is your dad willing to co-sign?

Choose to be happy at the school you are attending (and it is a choice). Save BU for grad school where you will be able to pay with your $70k salary.