Schools with good environmental programs

I am at York College of PA currently as a freshman. I am in the business administration program and I want to focus in environmental sustainability. And if anyone knows this school. There is no program even closely relating to the environment here. I haven’t done too much research into what exactly I’m looking for in degree types or what career I want to pursue. But I’m very interested in law and business and my passion is the environment.

If anyone knows any schools that have very good environmental programs especially in the business realm I’d love to start researching some. I’ve been looking around at various schools but am just unsure of where to start. I would love to be in more of a big city/ a college that has an active area.

Also how easy is it to transfer to another school having 30 credits?

I don’t know my gpa as of now since classes have just started but in high school I had a 4.0 and was involved in many extra curricular activities which I’m sure is going to be close to the case here.

Any information or tips that anyone has would be greatly appreciated!