Schools with later RD deadlines

<p>DD has applied to two EA with notification mailed end of December, the other with notification end of January. She is looking into possibly having some other applications ready to go in the event she is not accepted at either of these schools. So...she is looking for schools with deadlines after the middle to end of January. She would prefer a school in a nice (i.e. warm) climate, with decent sciences, and instrumental performance ops for a non-major in music (oboe/English horn). SATs CR580, Math 650, Writing 630. 3.87 weighted GPA, 3.65 unweighted. 8/194 class rank. Her top choice is in California....we are from the northeast so almost anywhere with decent weather would be fine. Size...about 5,000 undergrads would be her ideal, and she wants easy access to the city or town without necessarily needing a car. Any ideas would be welcome....</p>

<p>Thumper, a while back I remember a thread about schools with later RD deadlines, but after searching the archives I couldn't find the link.</p>


<p>Chapman University might fit your requirements.. Jan 31 deadlie. It's an up-and-comer, IMO. Good music program, and the school is raising stats like crazy with merit money. SoCal weather, but suburban location not to far from a commuter train. </p>

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<p>What about University of Redlands. It was on my son's list last year and he is an oboist. Weather is great. Final application deadline is February 1.</p>

<p>Rather than limit the search to application deadlines, why not just go ahead and mail the applications to schools that are a good fit? You can always withdraw the applications. The only cost is the application fee for a couple of schools.</p>

<p>U of Texas is Feb 15, but it is huge.</p>

<p>Here's the thread, kinshasa. It was very popular as I recall. :)</p>

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<p>Nice list. One to add, University of Hawaii is May 1, I believe. It is WARM, beautiful campus, and in the west as well. It was my S's ultimate safety "one could love."</p>



<p>If she gets accepted at her EA schools, the application process will end. However, because they notify on the late side, if she doesn't get accepted she needs some "later" options.</p>

Except for the size factor,Arizona State fits her needs perfectly.If she was able to get into Barrett's Honor's there,then the size would be right too.No car neccessary,good air transportation options to the Northeast and the airport is literally 5 minutes from campus.D's roomate was an Engineering major (later transferred for Pharmacy 7 year program at U of A) who played cello ,was in performing groups and took lessons.
If she saw the campus she might faint.For someone looking for warm climates its like being in heaven (just no ocean!)</p>

<p>Southwestern is February 15.</p>

<p>Ohio University: Feb. 1</p>

<p>Cal Lutheran -- March 15 I believe -- though scholarship deadlines are much earlier.</p>