Schools with Optical Engineering?

<p>Okay, son just returned from National Jamboree where he spent a large amount of time with all the cool science and technology exhibits, activities and such they had there. Senior next years, knows he wants engineering, but is wavering on the type for 1st undergrad degree. (he's probably going to be like that guy in The Librarian, a perpetual engineering student). He came home with a DVD and a book on a field called optical engineering. He is very interested in this, but the thing is we haven't been able to locate an actual optical engineering degree program. Anyone know if there is such a thing and if so what schools have it. The book is titled Engineering the Future, says optical engineers design, build and test devices to create, manipulate, detect or use light and then gives a list. Then there is a list of optical engineering specialties. Then it talks about career outlook and salary ranges says "Photonics is to 21st century what electronics was to 20th century". Talks about invention of the laser, telescope etc.. in the past and then a large amount of information on the JWST Observatory and how it's coming along. The guy who did the presentation is a Dr. Stahl w/the James Webb Space Telescope, it says he has a PhD in Optical Science, and his son who has a BS in physics and is starting a master's in the field of optics at U. of Alabama which is on son's list. But no mention of any other schools or programs. I know a couple of schools son is looking at offer something called Engineering Physics which we were considering in case he can't make up his mind, but I'd hate to have to redo his list completely. Is anyone aware of the plan of study that makes one an "optical engineer" or are we looking for more of a hand's on Physics type program. Any ideas of good schools to even start to check out? I see Photonics is being flagged as not a real word, but I've spelled it as it is in the information.

<p>Check out University of Rochester</p>

<p>Or Stanford -- and definitely MIT</p>

<p>Your son might not want to do 'Optics Engineering' as an undergraduate major even if by some off chance it is available at some schools. Consider a undergraduate degree in Physics/Electrical Engineering/BME (Biomedical Optics).</p>

<p>U. of Arizona</p>

<p>Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology</p>

<p>Why doesn't he contact the Dr. Stahl who did the presentation and ask him?</p>

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