Schools with Top Tier Music Programs & Academics

What are some top liberal arts colleges with both great music programs as well as academics? Specifically for a prospective Computer Science & Music (either Vocal Performance or Composition concentration) double major?
I already have the following schools in mind:
-Oberlin College/Conservatory
-University of Rochester/Eastman School of Music
-Carnegie Mellon University - BCSA Program
-Ithaca College/School of Music
-Hofstra University
-Northwestern University

Look into UMiami

Tufts/New England Conservatory

Johns Hopkins/Peabody Conservatory
Bard College

Quite a few liberal arts colleges will have strong course offerings in both Performance (the voice will treated much like any other instrument) and Theory and Composition. A good computer science department with 20 or more courses will not be too hard to find either. Since you will be double majoring wherever you attend, your degree of specialization in either field will be limited, allowing you greater margin to choose freely among a variety of colleges which may appeal to you in a general sense. Choose a few to research, then look through their course offerings to see what’s available. If what you see draws you in, then these colleges would be good options too, along with the excellent conservatories you have already identified or which have been suggested on this thread.

Since you are including research universities in your original listing, then Michigan should also be considered.

You could also look into CIM/ CWRU and CCM/ UCincinnati