<p>Hi everyone...
I was wondering what you think my chances are at come of the ivies like Cornell, Upenn or Columbia. And some others like Colgate and Hamilton</p>

<p>SAT I: 1360 (I took this two years ago and then never tried again I am doing it again in December and will get a higher score)
SAT II: 740 Writing, 730 Physics, 700 Math IC, 690 Biology
AP’s: 4 Physics, 5 Biology
No rankings at my school but top 5% out of 100
Most challenging course load (6 APs this year the next highest is 3 APs)
All A’s this year except Calc which is a B
GPA 3.83 unweighted 4.83 weighted </p>

<p>Excellent Essays
Excellent Recommendations fro teachers who know me well and like me</p>

Rowing – my crew got 2nd in the Canadian high school nationals
Photography – president of the photo club, regular poster on
School government – Senior House Prefect
I am at a boarding school in a Canadian forest so there is really no way to do volunteer stuff</p>


<p>Oh, yeah... I als have four summers of work experience in a Jewlery store
and another EC, Riflery, I am an "expert" only 1 of 7 that ever got the award at my school since it's founding eighty years ago.</p>

<p>bump, please answer!
or just give an overall feeling of my application from 1 to 10 (1 being community college and 10 being Princeton)</p>

<p>7.5 probably</p>

<p>thanks pepgirly</p>

<p>Thicks - Yeah, definitely boost SAT score 100 at least. SAT 2 scores are pretty good. You have good strong EC's, but so few! Perhaps you can grade papers, or find some way to serve the school? It's kind of late now, though.</p>

<p>In addition to Colgate may want to look at Holy Cross-very good school with crew/rowing program. Also Holy Cross has a better location-only 1 hour from Boston.</p>

<p>thanks everybody. this does help me decide.