Schreyer decisions

<p>Im on vacation so im not sure if Ive received my decision yet but I figured, why not make a thread for when we all finally do find out. Im too lazy to copy and past the formatting for the fancy decisions threads so just post whether your in state/out of state, major, sat I/II, ACT, GPA, School Type and a quick generalization or two about your EC's. GOOD LUCK!!</p>

<p>yeah good luck everyone!</p>

<p>when are we supposed to get our decsions??</p>

<p>the dean's blog states they were to be mailed out on 02/22/07 -- nothing received today in Washington, DC area ...</p>

<p>Nothing received in suburban Philadelphia, either. All hail the United States postal system!</p>

<p>I GOT IN!!!! If you attended the PSU Engineering Open house yesterday (Saturday) you were e-mailed a request to go to the Schreyers college for a meeting & tour. If you didn't get this...don't worry you soon will! Good luck to all</p>

<p>Accepted, with Engineering School scholarship!
Chemical Engineering
780 Math, 780 CR, 740 W
790 Math II, 760 Chem, 740 Lit
Suburban Public
5.0 weighted
Varsity swimming, model UN, chemistry club co-founder/pres.</p>

<p>I'm very excited to get in! Good luck to everyone else who is awaiting decisions.</p>

<p>I guess it'll take longer to mail the thinner envelopes, lol...(IE: my decision)</p>

<p>wow congrats guys.</p>

<p>they send out big envelopes right?
cause if i see a thin envelope, im just gonna throw it out without reading it...</p>

<p>For those of you who know they got in, is the schreyers scholarship still 3500?</p>

<p>My D got the letter today. The amount is still 3500 so I answered my own question.</p>

<p>Congratulations on everyone who was admitted. My son thought long and hard after being accepted to Schreyers in addition to a handful of the Ivies. In the end, it came down to the amount of debt he was willing to carry. A full four years paid for by his parents or 80-100K in loans that he would have to pay off after graduating. He being the intelligent boy that he is (after all he is a Schreyer's Scholar) choose the former. He loves, PSU, loves the Honors Courses, and loves the Honors dorms and would recommend Schreyer's to anyone who asks. The Dean is very hands on and meets with students often (Donuts with the Dean, etc.) and you can not beat the perks of separate advisors, small classes, priority scheduling and Housing guarantee for as long as you want it. Schreyer's is one of those hidden gems. Save the Ivies for graduate school.</p>

<p>Got my acceptance letter in the mail today
oos (NJ)
political science
ACT: 34
SATII: Math II: 770 USH: 750
Suburban Public HS
Rank: 2/549 GPA: 4.95 on strange scale
EC's: forensics, 3 bands, varsity tennis, a few others
For tellallyourfriends...yeah the envelope is a thick one</p>

<p>SHC Accepted
Out of State (IL)
ACT: 34
SAT II: Math II 800 / Physics: 710
GPA: 4.19 Weighted
School: 1000 students per class, highly competative
ECs: 2 instruments, Everything w/ Band in it., co-founded Ultimate (Frisbee) club.</p>

<p>Accepted, and couldn't be happier!
760 Math, 750 CR, 740 W
790 Math II, 740 Chem, 710 French w/o Listening
Suburban Public
102.6 weighted- Rank 1/300 (I have no idea what that is on a 4.0 scale)
Choir, Drama, Hospital Volunteering, Forensics Team, Math Team, NHS, etc.</p>

<p>BTW Schreyer is my first choice hands down! If anyone else is going/giving serious thought to going to SHC, leave me a message thru CC!</p>

<p>Congrats everyone who got in!</p>

<p>No Schreyer letter today for S in Central PA. </p>

<p>Either a letter is forthcoming or it's extra tough to get in this year.</p>

<p>Accepted into Smeal and Sapphire
760 Math, 760 CR, 710 W
Class Rank -- top 1%
Unweighted GPA 3.99

<p>D got her Schreyer's acceptance letter yesterday in NJ. Unfortunately, she's pretty much decided she doesn't want to go to such a party school. I'm kind of glad since there's so little merit money available it makes it very expensive for OOS students.</p>

<p>SLMOM- Price is one issue but I wouldn't let the party school rep scare you away. If your D is at all interested, have her attend the Accepted Students Day. The Schreyer dorms are quieter than the freshman dorms (East) and the kids are down to earth and very smart!
Yes, it is expensive OOS though (we are lucky enough to be in state with a number of scholarships). Good luck to you! Your daughter must be something if she got accepted - this is a tough year with more apps than ever!</p>

<p>I know a current freshman at Schreyers who's miserable with the party atmosphere and is transferring for next year.</p>

<p>Yeah, we have a girl in our neighborhood who left Cornell because of the party atmosphere. I'm not saying PSU is not a party school, but we know plenty of non-partiers who are happy in Happy Valley (both within Schreyer and outside).<br>
I would agree that it's not the place for shy retiring types - or those who hate big schools. I think Schreyer does make it feel smaller - but the experience is certainly not even close to a small lac. A visit is always worth it - overnight if possible.</p>