<p>Hi I'm a high shcool junior and I'm preparing for that next big step.
Schreyer's is one of the colleges on my list, I'm worried though and sort of unsure if it's right for me.
Course level wise I'm in the College Prep program, and I get mostly A's and high B's.
I'm taking my first AP and Advanced course next year in 12th grade however I'm worried this isn't enough and I should have done it years ago in 9th grade.
I heard Schreyer's takes the top 10% and I don't think I'm in that top 10%. The high school I go to is VERY competitive and like an Ivy High school I guess you could say, ha ha! It's very faced paced, intense and they really put high expectations on you. While I'm in college prep classes there are some kids applying to Schreyers that are in ALL college, AP, Advanced, and honors classes. I'm worried I'm not where I need to be and I'm just not sure if this is the right choice for me.
Maybe I should go on a tour or talk to someone who goes there? One of my friends who's a senior said just apply it's worth a try. </p>

<p>It's been rough because I'm basically working as if I skipped a year and a half of school because I missed a year and a half of middle school. When I was in middle school I was mis diagnosed and given the wrong treatment, finally I was properly diagnosed with a rare genetic condition and spent part of my 7th grade year and most of my eigth grade year in hospitals and recieving treatment. Now I'm doing better but going into 9th grade missing a year and a half of middle school was hard (I had some turtoring while I was gone but it's not even close to what I would have recieved in actual school.) </p>

<p>I'm really determined to reach my goals and know I can do it!
I'm very compassionate, intrapersonal, intelligent, and dedicated, a fantastic leader and creative thinker too. I'm the project coordinator for my school's Environmental Group, I've won awards in science competitions, I'm involved in many projects and I work as a webmistriss, my grades are good, however I don't feel my transcript is up to par. I have my required coruses and will have beyound what I need when I graduate yet I haven't taken any advanced, Honors, or AP courses yet, will that hurt me? Do you think my 2 AP courses next year be enough to even compete with the others?
Also I took the PSAT btu i haven't taken the SAT yet (I'm studying for it though and planning on taking it in May) I'm really nervous about it! The PSAT wasn't that bad but I feel the SAT will be a lot different since it's the real thing.</p>

<p>Please advise, I'd love any tips, feedback, or personal stories, thanks so much!</p>

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<p>Sorry for all the typos, I was in a rush. :-)</p>

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