Hi! I got offered a $30, 000 scholarship to Sci-Arc (Is that a lot for a scholarship?) and I really love architecture and that school seems to really interest me as well. But for some reason, I’m not sure if I should go there or not, any advice? I’m still waiting on acceptances/rejections from USC and RISD.

the amount of the scholarship matters not at all. what matters is net cost, and that scholarship still leaves you with 44K net cost. Where that 44K is coming from you haven’t told us, or whether or not that will mean severe burden to your family, so that means we cannot help you decide.

jkeil911, Thank you for the reply, the money doesn’t cuz a burden for me, I guess I was just kind of worried about the surroundings. I heard it wasnt very safe.

@valerieai, Suggest you ask your question on the architecture careers board of this site. At any rate, wait till you get all your acceptances before making a decision. You’re off to a good start.

SCI-Arc is an interesting school to look at because it’s one of the only stand-alone undergrad architecture schools in the US (Boston Arch being the other, less accomplished one). In terms of the area, it’s smack in the middle of the Arts District, which many out-of-towners will take to be dangerous. However, it is thriving and full of life, with much benefit to an architecture student.
Dedicating to SCI-Arc is a big choice because you would have to leave the school and transfer to study something different. At a bunch of architecture schools, you’ll hear something like, “Three-quarters of every freshman arch class will eventually drop out or switch majors.” Obviously, that depends on the school - but, if you choose to switch down the road, being at SCI-Arc would make it difficult. It’s also very small - 500 students might even be less than your high school.
USC and RISD are very different. They will definitely offer more flexibility, and all will yield the same degree in five years, but SCI-Arc offers attention and an experience that can’t really be found anywhere else. My advice would be to see where you get in foremost, and then do research into each school and program to see which ones fit your needs best. Hope this helps.
Good luck!

@hqureshi11‌ Thank you! that really helped!

I’m currently a Junior, and sic arc is one of my dream schools. Can you give me an advice for the application process?

I just got a call from Sci-Arc that I was selected as their top applicant and I will receive $30,000 scholarship. Does anyone know how many people receive the scholarship? HAHA It’s funny to see my reply from a year ago.