Science and Music programs at AU

<p>My child is interested in both Jazz Guitar and either Physics or Chemistry. It seemed like this school might be a good match for him, and he is trying to learn more about it.</p>

<p>I don't hear much about the music program on the music boards (but most BA Music schools aren't discussed as much as BM programs) And although I see the school has majors in Physics and Chemistry, I don't know a lot about the science programs at AU. </p>

<p>Are the physical science programs strong at AU? Is the music program good while still being less intense than a conservatory-type school? Would it be feasible to do a double major of Physics and Jazz Studies? If not, is it difficult to add a minor such as jazz studies or other music minor once admitted into CAS?</p>

<p>Any experience or knowledge of these majors would be helpful. Thank you.</p>

<p>As far as I know, neither of these are AU's strong points</p>

<p>I'm a Bio major, and have taken a number of Chem classes.</p>

<p>The buildings are a little dated, but I've absolutely loved my professors, my lectures and my lab classes. The AU science community is close-knit, and I'm under the impression that we help each other out in class/studying more than other majors. At least, that's how I feel after taking science and non-science courses. </p>

<p>I've yet to meet a regretful science major (although we do joke about changing to Marketing at 4am and after 15 hours of solid studying). But, all in all, we're happy with our decision.</p>

<p>Now, if we could increase funding...</p>

hahaha you're scaring me a little here. 15 hours of studying. I'm going to die as a bio major</p>


<p>AU has a very small physics dept (but said to be good folks all)
Physics</a> Degree Programs & Department Information | American University, Washington, DC</p>

<p>Don't think they have a jazz studies program
Audio</a> Technology Degree Programs & Information | American University, Washington, DC</p>

<p>But in Performing Arts they do have very interesting audio technology program that was spun out of the physics dept for which they are currently building a state of the art set set of recording studios. in the basement of Katzen
Music</a> Degree Programs & Information | American University, Washington, DC</p>

Haha. Don't worry about it. That specific instance, I was studying for a cumulative Chem final. Ended up studying for 22 hours straight (37 hours in total) because I had a particularly demanding professor (who is apparently not teaching next year, so you're good).</p>

You can concentrate in Jazz Studies when doing a BA in music:
BA</a> in Music | American University</p>

<p>I'd also like to repeat what Odyssey said: I've heard good things about the audio tech program at AU.</p>

<p>I'm an Audio Tech major so I sure hope it's good!</p>

<p>Last year when I was there, the director of the Audio Tech program (Paul Ohelers, if I remembered the spelling correctly) gave me a personal tour of the audio department. It's small and kind of ramshackle (since they're in the process of getting it all set up), but he seemed to really know his stuff, and they seem to have some really cool toys. Plus, I really have no problem with the smaller program - that's actually one of the things that drew me to it. He also was telling me about how most of his students end up with rather good jobs, so to ME at least, it seemed like a pretty promising program. But I guess I'll see over the next two years...</p>

<p>The Audio Technology degree at AU is one of the finest of it's kind in the nation and we remain one of the last true 4 year academic programs that teaches the science and applications of sound. Plus we have an amazing synthesizer lab (I get kind of nerdy about vintage synthesizers as they are one of my personal passions!).</p>

<p>I wouldn't recommend AU for science programs. To be very honest here, it seems like the majority of AU's funding goes to SIS or Kogod. Science-related on-campus events are very sparse, and your child will probably have very few peers to discuss his chosen subject matter with.</p>