Science at Shimer

<p>What is Shimer like for those interested in science? What do alumni do with a Shimer degree in science?</p>

<p>Science at Shimer College consists of 4 core classes, Natural Science 1,2,3,4. NatSci 1 is a Basic Skills Lab, #2 is basically Darwin and Evolution, and #'s 3 and 4 are Quantum Physics and test the outer limits (really). All Shimer courses require extensive reading and papers, few tests. The former President of the college Don Moon used to teach most of these (he is a former nuclear physicist) but now most are taught by Jim Donovan although Stuart Patterson and other profs occasionally do so. Now that Shimer is located at IIT-Illinois Institute of Technology (on the South side of Chicago) Shimer students can also enroll in the massive Science offerings there, also.
Science majors at Shimer usually go on to graduate school to further their studies. Shimer’s liberal education core allows its alumni to be competitive in post-graduate endeavors.</p>