Science at Yale?

<p>Yale is certainly excellent in the humanities=) But how do its science and engineering courses compare with schools like harvard and stanford? In particular, how strong is its biology program, and is competition for research attachments very keen amongst students? And what is the science faculty like?</p>


<p>I'm a Freshman here at Yale, doing Biomedical Engineering. I was also accepted to MIT, so it's not like I was stuck here. I came here because everything is so diverse and the people here are amazing.</p>

<p>Okay, so Yale isn't as well known in the sciences as most other schools, but by no means are the sciences courses here bad. Many of my classmates are MCDB, MB&B, and Biomedical Engineering majors -- sciences seem to be as popular as the humanities. The faculty here are amazing and nice and personable and you can talk to them any time or email them and they'll reply promptly and be supportive of everything you do.</p>

<p>Yale's a nice place to study any subject. There's not a lot of competition here for anything, so if you really want something, most of the time you can have it. So if you take initiative and go after those research opportunities, it shouldn't be too hard to obtain. The students here are generally really happy and that makes the difference between sciences here and sciences at many other places.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm a Geology major (hopefully) and there are only two people or so doing it each year! It SO rocks... (pun) you get all the attention and the support from the professors.</p>