Science classes

<p>So I'm going to LC this fall but plan on taking a pre-med track, going to take the core bio and chem blah blah. My question is that because I am at LC, will it be a huge hassle commuting in between campuses for the science classes. Can it happen that (for example) one of my classes ends at 1 at LC, and (lets say) bio starts at 1 at RH.</p>

<p>Many people take classes on the other campus, but you do have to leave sufficient time to get from one LC to RH. You will get free passes to take the RamVan. Offhand, Id say leave at least an hour between a class at LC and RH, but I suggest you get in touch with your dean and pose that question to him/her.</p>

<p>Also–all the pre-med science courses are offered at LC despite its not having formal Physics, Chemistry, and Biology departments. Biology, chemistry, orgo, and physics, as well as several upper-level biology courses, are offered each semester by the Natural Science “department” there. So you can complete most of the RH biology major at LC; your major would just be called Natural Sciences. [:</p>

<p>Looks like a neuroscience major will now be available at LC as well.[New</a> Neuroscience Major Added to Curriculum](<a href=“]New”>New Neuroscience Major Added to Curriculum - The Observer)</p>