Science department

<p>Hi! I am a rising senior and I have fallen in love with Macalester and I plan on applying there in the fall. I really want to major in biochemistry or molecular biology. Based on the Macalester website it looks like Macalester has a good science department but I was wondering if anyone had any further insight into specifically the biology and chemistry departments? Any insight would be awesome, thanks!</p>

My daughter will be a freshman this fall. She’ll be a science major but hasn’t decided what type yet. She’s all over the map with anything from biology to astrophysics to environmental and conservation.
She looked at every aspect of the science dept and was impressed that there are classes offered in subjects, like ornithology which wasn’t offered at the other schools she applied to.</p>

<p>Awesome! That sounds great! Thanks! Do you know if they have any undergraduate research programs?</p>

<p>My daughter, a rising junior is doing biology research this summer. She has a number of friends doing biology, chemistry, and physics research at Mac as well as at UM. You will find more information here: [Science</a> and Research Office…linking students to opportunities in science](<a href=“]Science”>The Olin-Rice Hub - Macalester College)</p>

<p>My daughter just retuned from a 2 week Astrophysics camp held on the Mac campus, but not affiliated with the school. She’s done various science camps there over the years.
As I posted above, she will be a freshman at Mac in the fall majoring in science.
She told me that there were a lot of students doing research in the science dept, some from other colleges, I think they are assisting profs, and she said this is something she would definitely be looking into for next summer.</p>

<p>im going to Mac this fall and i learned that the school is third among DIII schools for grants rewarded by the National Science Foundation which is excellent for research opportunities</p>