Science/Eng. core courses: are there different sections for different majors?

<p>I understand that at GT all science and engineering majors take the same numbered core courses freshman and sophomore year - calc, chem, physics, etc. However, are engineering students put into engineering specific sections for these courses with content designed for them that differs from, say, what natural sciences majors might learn in natural sciences specific sections -- say calc1 sections for engineers vs. calc1 sections for the natural sciences? Or is the instruction designed so that all science and engineering students are mixed into these common core courses and share a generic content for each of these respective core courses -- calc, chem, physics, etc., regardless of major?</p>

<p>They all take the same courses for the most part. </p>

<p>I can only think of a couple of examples of major-specific classes. There is Calculus I for Bio majors, Computer Science for Engineers, and Calculus III for Comp Sci majors. </p>

<p>Other than these three, I have never heard of a major-specific core class. Expect to have your calc / science classes with people from all different majors.</p>