Science Fair Project ideas

<p>Any suggestions? (especially if it involves math)</p>

<p>irrational number bases</p>

<p>Do you have to be innovative? Do you have to create an original idea, or just do research? </p>

<p>If just some research, go to and find an interesting area that a Nobelist won an award for. Those awards are for quite specific topics.</p>

<p>BTW, what science fair are you competing in?</p>

<p>a model vocano that spews CO2 when baking soda and vinegar are mixed</p>

<p>just joking, maybe you should do something with pi like prove it or research its existance. for props, you can bake pies or whatnot</p>

<p>Here are some good (and serious) open problems:</p>

<p>Distribution of lattice points on three dimensional tetrahedrons and its connection to the diophantine equation in three variables; then generalize to the nth dimensonal polytope for an nth degree equation--look at connections in 2D to sterological principles for taking unbiased sample of a a volume based upon a systematic random sample of only a part of that region--in 3D think about analog to ionic bonding and distribution of covalent bonds</p>

<p>connections to pick's thm in higher dimensions</p>

<p>i've worked on these problems and they're all really really interesting</p>

<p>Schemer might have some good comp sci ideas he's a computer GENIUS lol.</p>

<p>write back if ya need some guidance</p>

<p>Schemer--This stuff is much more interesting than "irrational number bases" :)</p>

<p>btw, this stuff is more advance than for a "science fair," unless your alluding to Intel or Siemens Westinghouse in a vailed way. What comps are you thinking about?</p>

<p>It would probably be best if the original poster told us what caliber of science fair he speaks of, and what particular subfield of math he is drawn to. </p>

<p>I was just suggesting irrational number bases under the assumption that speaking generally of science fairs meant that the original poster was speaking of local fairs and relatively tractable topics.</p>

<p>301aish, I assume you're making that comment with regards to the comments I made on the old forum? (I did get a tad excited about the area I'm interested), though I wouldn't venture so far as to say I'm a CS genius however, as I am not aware of any other high schoolers who are doing pet projects in the area of programming languages, so I have no basis for comparison. (I think I recall that someone, possibly Guy Steele did so as a high school student, google him (It probably was someone else) )</p>

<p>So what are other computer science hopefuls at this board working on?</p>

<p>I'm not really a comp sci person, but my science fair project (during my frosh. year) was "The effect of UV-B radiation on the white blood cell count of M.Musculus." I know, I know, it's not very math related. Just some very basic statistics involved (i.e standard deviation). The results were quite interesting, the mice WBC count skyrockted by 20% with a 30 minute/day exposure, and by 50% with a 60 minute/day exposure. </p>

<p>I ended up winning first in my division at my local science fair, but thats it. Depending on how my jr. year goes, I might revise this project once again and resumbit it. I didn't photoanalyze the uv-b light (d'oh!!), and I need to change the way I approach my WBC differential count. </p>

<p>In fair rocks :)</p>

<p>if you're a math person, look at the millenium problems :)</p>

<p>thats a tad mean, especially since those problems require an effort that is AT LEAST equivalent to that of a phd thesis</p>

<p>lol millenium problems</p>

<p>Thanks for the ideas everyone. But I've decided to investigate the Golden Ratio (inspiration from Da Vinci Code). </p>

<p>"what science fair are you competing in?"</p>

<p>My school's science fair. The top 5 winners advance to the MIT regional science fair in Boston. </p>

<p>I don't intend to be competitive because science is my weakest subject and I know I don't stand a chance. 301aish, that problem you suggested nearly gave me a headache lol.</p>

<p>Hey lol those are individual projects--If you could solve any one of them you're talking about a significant phD level project---I hope you didnt start on all of them at the same time................</p>