Science/Math rec onle for plme right?

<p>is the 3rd rec…science/math is only for plme? I am a human bio major so i shouldnt need that right? when i chekced my status info, they said they were missing this rec. am i supposed to call them and say i dont need this rec? im confused</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure the science/math rec is only needed for PLME. E-mail and tell them that you are applying for the regular college, not the medical program.</p>

<p>I think that if you indicated you wanted to do a bachelors of science then it was necessary to do the science reccomendation but human biology goes under the category of both science and arts so if you indicated arts then it wasn't necessary. this might not be completely correct, i would still call the school and check. i am an intended human bio major as well :)</p>

<p>Going along with what shinedown said, on the Brown website it says:</p>

<p>"Form 4C is required only of freshman applicants who have indicated a preference for the Bachelor of Science degree or the Program in Liberal Medical Education. "</p>

<p>Just to clarify, if you put down a B.S. degree as your primary choice they expect the science/math recommendation</p>

<p>Yes, so don't put down a BS degree if you don't want to bother with the rec.</p>

<p>Wait wait.... so what about BS and BA????????? Do I need a sci. rec for that too?</p>

<p>and if I put BA initially can I transfer into a BA and BS?</p>

<p>You don't even need to transfer. You can take whatever concentration you want here, regardless of whatever you put on your original application (you can apply as an english major and end up taking a BS in biology, etc).</p>

<p>im applying for a B.A. (econ)</p>

<p>but i'm strong in science/math.</p>

<p>I called them back in September to ask if I can include the 4C, and they said it was just fine.</p>

<p>wait im confused and scared now! aghhh wahts the diff between BA ans BS? what email address should i use to email the Brown admission ppl to change BS to BA..? does BA mean less science? cus i wanna go med im soooo confused help me out asap! thanks</p>

<p>BA = bachelor of arts (we call it AB at Brown). BS = bachelor of science (we call it ScB at Brown). BS often has more requirements including more hard science. I believe you can do premed with just BA, though.</p>

<p>how should i contact them to change my human bio ScB to AB? can someone give me the email address? thanks for the help, everyone!</p>

<p>wait so i checked the paper app and they said the 3rd red is ScB for compscience, engineering, chem, physics stuff though</p>