Science Olympiad discord servers (ISODN)


This may seem like an ad (because it kinda is), but through the years I’ve seen lots of posts about the Science olympiads like math olympiad, physics (USAPHO), chemistry (USNCO), biology (USABO), etc. And it seems like there’s never enough info about them as these tend to be niche topics that are only pursued by the most hardcore people who love science. Obviously it would be great if more info about these competitions are publicly know and participation increases.

It’s come to be known that there are discord servers that are willing to help ANYONE who joins and has collected ALMOST ALL of the campers and high scoring finalists in these olympiads. As a collective they are part of the International Science Olympiad Discord Network (ISODN) which is linked below. In addition every olympiad discord that I know of is linked.

Even though this post might breaks one of the advertisement rules of the forum, I think it will be very helpful for anyone in the future. These servers have thousands of members and are a very helpful community if you ever plan on getting top 150, top 50, or top 20 in any of the olympiads.


discord. gg/V9QFpsE

Biology Olympiads:

discord. gg/ypJ2Xwy

Chemistry Olympiads:

discord. gg/DFman3M

Earth Science Olympiads:

discord. gg/ujvMHFV

Math Olympiads:

discord. gg/3sbwZdh

Physics Olympiads:

discord. gg/wyGAa49

Astro Olympiads:
discord. gg/8DJrk78