Science Po Poitiers

I am thinking of applying to Science Po and from my research there’s been no real discussion about Poitiers. Is anyone else thinking of applying to the campus or is attending the campus. How do you like it?

It’s specialized in the Hispanic world. Your level of Spanish would have to be very good (AP Lang or AP Lit). Your third year would be in immersion at a college in Spain or Latin America. The college is small, housed in a 17th century building right in the center of town. They don’t provide housing so you should try to find another student or two with whom you could rent an apartment in town. For cooking there are lots of cheap restaurants and supermarkets, plus you can buy a recipe book like “simplissime” (super simple French cooking). The city is medium sized for France, lots of college students, excellent location (2h to Paris, 1h to Bordeaux and wine country, 2h to the Atlantic ocean, 1h to Loire Valley castles, 4-5h to Spain).