Science requirements for Computer Science at SJSU

Hello everyone,

So I’m planning to transfer to SJSU by Fall 2021 majoring in CS. I’ve already read the transfer requirement on the website of SJSU. It is a bit confusing to me since it says that “11 semester/17 quarter units of lower division science course work must be completed.” Does it mean that I have to complete all those 11 semester units at my community college before I can transfer, or I can complete them after getting admitted to the major? The reason I’m asking is because I will only be able to obtain 10 semester units for science requirements by Spring 2021, and I will still be missing one unit of the science requirements for CS.

As I understand admissions for SJSU, especially in CS, it is impacted, so is highly competitive. Assist says you need 11 units of lower division science as preparation for the major. I don’t think that means you absolutely have to have those, BUT, and this is a big BUT because it’s impacted and competitive, it could make a difference in you being admitted. Just saying it could, not that it will. It is generally expected that you will have all lower division requirements - major prep and GE - done prior to transferring.