Science ruined ACT composite :(

<p>I got a 32 in English (I have NO idea how I did that good! I never got above 27 in the practice tests and I almost ran out of time in the test! :D) and a 30 in math, a 27 in Reading and a measly 22 in Science :( </p>

<p>That is so unfair. Will colleges appreciate my other scores for scholarship consideration or will they look at EVERYTHING? :(</p>

<p>In ACT, what generally matters the most is the Composite score! Yours seems to be 28, which is pretty high for most schools, so you should be fine...</p>

<p>Just retake it again and with practice the 22 will go up.</p>

<p>I don't know how you got a 32 in English either seeing as you don't know when to use "good" and "well"</p>

<p>^ Are you jealous? "Good" and "Well" might not even show up on the English portion but thank you for being a jackass.</p>

<p>dawnofthetiger we use "good" like that in our normal everyday conversations and I'm not exactly being as formal as I can be right now. Oh and I can see you will probably never even come close to a 32 looking as how you don't know how to put a period at the end of your sentence. </p>

<p>DivingGrace haha :) Yeah I'm considering taking the test again in December.</p>